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Meprednisone CAS 1247-42-3

CAS 1247-42-3 is a glucocorticoid receptor agonist that is utilized in the treatment of allergy and inflammatory disorders of the eye. Other names for this compound are NSC-63278 and Betapar. Meprednisone is an effective anti-inflammatory medication that works by blocking the activity of pro-inflammatory mediators.

The Meprednisone CAS 1247-42-3 shown a stronger propensity for binding to human serum albumin as compared to mycophenolic sodium in this regard. Data from nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation experiments and docking simulations were used to investigate this.


Meprednisone, also known by its CAS number 1247-42-3, is a corticosteroid that is employed in the treatment of a wide variety of illnesses. Additionally, it can be used to prevent vomiting brought on by the chemotherapy treatment for cancer. It is a drug that is not toxic and can be used to treat endocrine disorders, rheumatic diseases, skin diseases, allergic reactions, ophthalmic diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, blood diseases, shock, cerebral edema, polyneuritis, and myelitis. Additionally, it can be used to treat gastrointestinal diseases, blood diseases, ophthalmic diseases, and allergic reactions. In order to reduce inflammation and combat infection, anti-infective medications are frequently combined with this substance. It is an effective treatment for a wide variety of immunological deficiencies, and it can help prevent the rejection of grafts.

The Meprednisone Hemisuccinate CAS 27303-92-0 is a glucocorticoid that is derived from prednisone in a methylated form. Prednisone is the parent compound. It is a very useful medication for scientific research and can be put to work investigating a wide range of biological processes. A solution with a concentration of one milligram per milliliter can be made by diluting the medication in sterile water. Because each batch is unique, the solubility could shift subtly from one to the next. Please warm the tube to 37 degrees Celsius, and then shake it for a while in an ultrasonic bath, in order to achieve a higher solubility.

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