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Gestonorone Acetate CAS 31981-44-9

Gestonorone Acetate CAS 31981-44-9 is a high-quality commercially accessible chemical substance. It is a C17a acetate ester of gestronol (17a-hydroxy-19-norprogesterone). This molecule has been utilized as an experimental luteinizing hormone in endometrial cancer investigations, and it also inhibits testosterone decrease by the hair follicle. In addition to its progestogen effects, Gestonorone Acetate stimulates the kidneys and bladder. It has a lengthy history of use in medical research and is now being employed in various benign prostatic hyperplasia investigations.


Gestonorone acetate (developmental code name NSC-31981-44-9) is a progestin that is not used in humans. It is a C17a acetate ester of hydromadinone, an unmarketed progestin of the 19-norprogesterone and 17a-hydroxyprogesterone families. It was patented in 1958 and given medical approval in 1963.

The terms etynodiol diacetate and gestonorone acetate are synonyms, however gestonorone acetate is more commonly used. The latter name refers to gestonorone acetate as well as a popular progestin. However, etynodiol is a synthetic hormone with no progestin action. "Gestonorone Acetate" is probably not a topic you should be exploring unless you are a scientist or scholar.

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