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Hunan Yuxin Pharmaceutical Co, ltd,found in 2002, is a big pharmaceutical Company specializes in Steroid and Hormone API and Intermediates. With many years hard working, Many products got Certificates like GMP, DMF No. and WC(Written Confirmation) etc. It is one of important players in the international steroid market.

The company located in Shaoyang city Hunan Province. It has two GMP manufacturing sites covering total 200,000m2 and 550 employees.

Hunan Yuxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. manufactures and markets steroid and hormone APIs and their intermediates, like Corticosteroid and Estrogens, for the pharmaceutical companies all over the world. The company has big capacity of both synthesis and fermentation. It established two R&D centers in Changsha and our factory site, and also cooperates with University tightly.

We are cooperating with our customers with all kinds of methods, Contract research, Custom Synthesis, Custom manufacturing, we would try our best to satisfy all of our customers with their requirements and welcome all kinds of cooperation with the friends all over the world.

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